Hola from Granada!
My name is Salomé and on behalf of my team I would like to welcome you to our local branch office situated in Granadas beating heart. We invite you to browse this site dedicated to the beautiful city of Granada and I hope to see you soon!

Brands are strongest when they move people and awaken feelings. Therefore, brands must live and, above all, must convey experiences. And precisely for that reason we support you on site in the Balearic and Canary Islands as well as on the Spanish mainland.

The maximice brand is led by our two Managing Partners, the Mallorcan Juan Miguel Caldentey and the German Markus Müller. And with great success, as the current roster of 30 international event professionals shows. Together we organise meetings, incentives, congresses and events for renowned agencies and companies from around the world. Our 360° Service – always on-brief, on-time and on-budget – is what convinces our clients.

From our head office in Palma de Mallorca we coordinate our units #maximice events corporate, #maximice events automotive , and #maximice events congress. To professionally carry out your events in Spain, we have independent offices with experienced teams in Ibiza, Valencia-Alicante, Malaga-Marbella, Madrid as well as together with a long-time cooperation partner in Barcelona and the Canary Islands. That multitude of offices and our on-the-spot insider knowledge enable us to stage extraordinary events on the Spanish mainland and all its islands. Always staying true to our slogan and philosophy: AIM HIGHER. So just let us know and we can aim higher together.



The city of Alhambra is the most beautiful example of Moorish style on the Sabikah hill above Granada. This city, which has a population of about 240,000, was built at the foot of the Sierra Nevada centuries ago from two city centers at the mouth of the river Darro. There is much to discover here - especially for people interested in history. The oldest district of Albayzin for example which, like the Alhambra, was declared a World Cultural Heritage. Above all the historic buildings from Moorish times, but also those from Gothic and Renaissance are world famous and worth the trip alone.

Winter or summer - breathtaking nature

Due to its location at an altitude of more than 700 meters, it can be quite cold in winter for South-Spanish conditions, but there are excellent ski resorts in the mountains. And for those who cannot be bothered with skiing fear not, because the Andalusian sun warms as per usual. The countless tapas bars in the historic districts, as well as the high-quality restaurants with views on the Albayzin invite you to enjoy the stunning atmosphere of Granada.

Any type of event

As a member of the European Convention Center, Granada has many exhibition and conference rooms, as well as a comprehensive range of hotels available. The good infrastructure with connections by plane and road network, coupled with interesting locations, make Granada the ideal host for numerous international fairs, symposia and congresses every year.

Culture and history for people

The art history heritage of the city, the sophisticated cultural events calendar and the variety of sights ensure that the participants and visitors of events can also look forward to something exciting apart from their planned meetings.





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